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Origin are the UK's leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke aluminium Bi-folding Doors and Windows. They manage 14 drivers who deliver all over the UK with a mixed fleet from 3.5 tonne vans to 7.5 tonne HGVs


Origin have always been aware of how important it is to keep on top of their fleet, particularly as the business depends so heavily on its vehicles. Prior to using FleetCheck, they were experiencing problems keeping track of various documents and the process of managing our fleet was much more time consuming. The day to day fleet tasks were managed by using spreadsheets and paperwork in folders.

How FleetCheck Helped

AES introduced FleetCheck after becoming a client of theirs for their Telematics needs. The combination of the two has resulted in many benefits, most significantly:

Integrating the data provided from their telematics into their FleetCheck means their vehicle mileages are now imported directly into their account, resulting in no more manual mileage checks, and avoidance of excess mileage charges.

Origin now has complete control of all vehicle and driver related activity, so all paper-based processes have been eliminated.

A significant amount of administration time has been saved using FleetCheck. As Robert Atkins, Transport Manager, explains, "Compliance and retrieving documents is much easier for us now."

Results and ROI

Since moving to FleetCheck, Origin have complete confidence that their fleet is properly managed, their processes are legally compliant, their costs are monitored, and their drivers are safe. Adam has total control over daily driver and vehicle activity, and thanks to FleetCheck's intuitive dashboard, he can closely monitor his fuel and maintenance spends across the fleet saving them time and money.

When asked to summarise his overall experience of FleetCheck, Robert comments, "I would say that the best feature is the level of detail that is stored and traceable thorough the system for compliance and maintenance etc"

"The simplicity and and overall usability of the App is what made us decide to use it The fit to drive declaration and the accuracy of data is much more efficient than paperwork "

Robert concludes, "FleetCheck has made our processes much slicker, documents and data are available at the touch of a button and the automation of processes has had an impact on time savings for us a company". "I believe that FleetCheck is a very good tool for compliance and fleet managing and has been a huge success in assisting me in my role as Transport Manager



Established since 1979, Loughton based Essex Security Services is dedicated to the supply, install and maintenance of electronic security systems. They currently run a fleet of 21 vehicles of mixed vans and cars.


Essex Security Services wanted a robust fleet management system which could integrate with their telematics provider and had the functionality to track maintenance dates concurrently with the management of costs and driver compliance.

Fleet Manager, Rob Nicholl said, "Before we came across FleetCheck, manufacturers service schedules were getting missed, defects where not being resolved and we had general poor performance from staff on the upkeep of our vehicles"

How FleetCheck Helped

AES recommended FleetCheck fleet management software and then began integrating their TomTom telematics.

In doing this, vehicle mileages are now automatically updated, resulting in no more manual mileage checks; an instant advantage for Rob and the others involved in the Essex Security team.

Rob has complete control and visibility over all fleet-related activity and spends. This has facilitated the exclusion of previous, out dated spreadsheet and paper-based processes.

Results and ROI

Since moving to FleetCheck, Essex Security now has the assurance that no key dates (such as MOT'S and services) are being missed and that they can keep track of how much they're spending from fuel and maintenance to driver's parking and penalty fines.

Rob now has complete control over all daily, fleet-related activity, and due to FleetCheck's helpful alerts system, he can pre-plan vehicle maintenance schedules to help minimise interruption and eliminate room for error.

Rob concludes, "FleetCheck has improved the way we manage our fleet from driver to office and have seen an improvement in the reliability in the fleet. We did originally get the system to comply with FORS which we have now come out of but decided to keep the system due to the importance to us."

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